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Expand and enhance living space with a custom fitted awning or screen. We can offer either a hand cranked or machine operated systems. An awning or screen will transforming your outdoor living spaces into a haven.

  • Expand and enhance outdoor areas

  • Provide shade when you need i

  • Block sun and UV rays

  • Maintain your view

  • Control room brightness

  • Will retracts against the wall

  • Energy efficient keeps your home cooler in summer

  • Provide rain protection and extend living space

  • Combine function with decorative appeal

  • Complement the architecture of the building

A caravan awning is an add on tent made from canvas which is fitted to the side of a caravan or motor home. It means you have a lot more space to use while camping.  There are many colours and styles of caravan awnings available from the Canvas Company. We offer great value for money and have all the accessories you may require.  We offer a custom made solution specifically tailored to your specifications.

For further advice or to arrange for a quote please call or email Paul on our CONTACT page.

New or replacement awnings for your home or caravan


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